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Maino MiniPro 108 Egg Incubator

108 Hen Egg (or Equivalent) Cabinet Incubator. Digital Temperature Control, Humidity Readout, Automatic Egg Turning, Forced Air, Ducted Air System, FULL HUMIDITY CONTROL OPTION Suitable for quail to goose sized eggs.

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108 Hen Egg Maino Incubator.  Cabinet style construction for strength. Automatic Turn, Forced Air, Quality Incubator. Will turn any sized egg from Quail to Goose Sized Eggs.
The MiniPro 108 is an ideal incubator for those wishing to incubate eggs. The design of the unit is well insulated and the clear strong door with plexiglass window, allows you to see what is going on inside the incubator. With automatic egg turning it is a breeze to use. Incubator can double as a hatcher, just remove the turning tray and replace with hatch baskets.
Approx Capacities;
108 : Hen / Duck / Small Black Turkey  
108 : Pheasant/ Guinea Fowl / Bantam  
198 : Quail / Grey Partridge
40 : Goose / Giant Turkey / Peacock
Manufactured by Maino in Italy(est: 1945) these incubators are made to meet the high EU and British CE Safety Standard. At Wheatcroft Poultry we provide the customer service and full back up service – spare parts are always in stock.

Model Options...

D- Digital Temperature Control and Digital Humidity Readout , which displays current temperature and humidity levels. Water trays in base for creating humidity.

DU - Digital Temperature Control and Digital Humidity Readout , which displays current temperature and humidity levels, and an external Automatic Humidifier to create humidity.

Simple Digital Electronic Temperature Control…

Features a controller specifically designed for Maino incubators, ensuring accurate, stable temperature -  essential for successful incubation.

The Maino controller is fully electronic, i.e. there are no moving parts to wear out, ensuring a long life and many successful hatches.

The Maino long life quality sensors are protected from the incubator environment.

The temperature is controllable from 25 to 42 degrees centigrade.


A fast acting wire element works in conjunction with the Maino Controller to maintain the temperature exactly to your set level.


Forced Air Circulation…

            Robust fans, designed for continuous running, circulates the air around the incubator 

            ensuring even air and the correct oxygen mix – essential for healthy embryos..


Easy Humidity Control…

           D - Water trays sat in the base of the incubator create humidity. The digital display show s the current level and you alter the number of trays of water.

             DU- External Humidifier generates water vapour when the levels are too low in the incubator. Built in hygrometer measures the relative humidity level and displays on the digital readout.      


All Species of Eggs are automatically turned..and hatched!

A powerful egg turning motor ensures continuous turning of your eggs with no sudden movements.

Hen sized eggs sit point down in the plastic trays. To accommodate eggs of different sizes the Hatch Baskets can have dividers inserted (see pictures) and become turning trays. There are varied slots for the eggs to fit between. (see picture above) This allows the incubator to hold eggs varying between quail to goose sized eggs easily. See the capacity chart above.

Ready for the big hatch day, the egg turning tray can be removed and the egg basket returned to the incubator as a hatch tray for the chicks. 



Thermal Cut Box made of white PVC hard foamed insulated panels DIN4102B1 certificated. Galvanised steel corners and edges add extra strength to the corners of the incubator to make a strong box.



Full Instructions included

24 month manufacturers guarantee

EU approved and certificated for electrical safety, and build standard