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SEE16AX Incubator

The SEE 16AX is an ideal incubator for those wishing to incubate small numbers of eggs. The design of the unit with transparent, strong plexiglas walls, allows you to see what is going on inside the incubator at all times. With automatic egg turning it is a breeze to use.

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Pictures show close up of the turning tray (water trays for humidity underneath) and the connection to the turning motor.

16 : Hen / Duck / Small Black Turkey  
20 : Pheasant/ Guinea Fowl / Bantam  
32 : Quail / Grey Partridge
28 : Red Partridge
6   : Goose / Giant Turkey / Peacock 

Manufactured by Maino in Italy(est: 1945) these incubators are made to meet the high EU and British CE Safety Standard. At Wheatcroft Poultry we provide the customer service and full back up service – spare parts are always in stock.


Temperature Controller 

Fully Electronic Thermostat with digital display to set the required incubation temperature. The built in quality sensor measures the temperature in the incubator, and adds just the right amount of electric to the incubator element to reach and then maintain the temperature exactly at the temperature you set. The temperature is controllable from 35 to 40 degrees centigrade.

As it is fully electronic, there are no moving relays controlling the temperature, ensuring a longer life.

Integrated Digital Display with high visibility LED, ensuring easy reading of the temperature, even from a distance or in the dark. 


A robust fan, designed for continuous running, circulates the air around the incubator ensuring even air distribution throughout. A percentage of air is expelled from the incubator, and  fresh air drawn in to ensure the correct oxygen mix – essential for healthy embryos. 

Heat Element 

A fast acting wire element works in conjunction with the control board to maintain the temperature exactly to your set level. 


 Water trays under egg turning trays add humidity to the incubator. The humidity is controlled by the number of trays you fill with water. or best results we would recommend that you purchase a hygrometer to give you a readout of the humidity level. 


Metal PVC coated roof and floor, with fully transparent 5mm plexiglas walls for excellent clear vision into the incubator. Transparent 3mm plexiglas front door. Formed aluminium corners add extra strength to the corners of the incubator to make a strong box.

All internal shielding made from galvanised steel for  longevity. 

Egg Turning

A robust servo powered egg turning motor ensures regular turning of your eggs continuously with no rapid movements.

To accommodate eggs of different sizes of egg the turning trays have varied slots for the eggs to fit between. (see picture above) This allows the incubator to hold eggs varying between quail to goose sized eggs easily. See the capacity chart above.

When the big hatch day arrives, the egg tray can be removed and the egg basket returned to the incubator as a hatch tray for the chicks. The chicks will remain on that tray as they hatch until you remove them 24 hours later.


 A Mesh insert in the base of the incubator avoids the risk of splayed feet at hatching.

Full Instructions included

24 month manufacturers guarantee

EU approved and certificated for electrical safety, and build standard

Power Consumption : 300 watts max ( 45 Watts typical average)

  • Power Supply Unit : 100- 230volt, 50 Hz, 0.5A max
  • Dimensions:
  • 26cm W, 26cm D, 18cm H – 3.84kg


  • Height (cm) : 24
  • Width (cm) : 32
  • Depth (cm) : 31.5
  • Weight - (kg) : 3.5
  • Total Power (KW) : 0.164
  • Electrical Rating : 230V AC +10/-15% 50/60Hz +/-0.5%
  • Volume of Packed Parcel (m3) 0.024