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PioPio 56 Incubator

The Maino PioPio 56 is a digital temperature controlled, controlled environment incubator,  ecologically friendly and ideal for incubating poultry and game bird eggs. Having an autoturn facility, this incubator is capable of being a setter and hatcher in one, ideal for the smallholder and more serious breeders - FREE SURGE PROTECTOR

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56   : Hen / Duck / Small Black Turkey  
64   : Pheasant/ Guinea Fowl / Bantam  
150 : Quail / Grey Partridge
105 : Red Partridge
25   : Goose / Giant Turkey / Peacock 

Temperature Controller

Fully Electronic, high precision micro computer PLC Temperature Controller with a on-board quality sensor measuring the temperature in the incubator, and adds just the right amount of electric to the incubator element to reach and then maintain the temperature exactly at the temperature you set.

As it is fully electronic, there is no moving relays controlling the temperature, ensuring a longer life.

Integrated Digital Display with high visibility LED, ensuring easy reading of the temperature, even from a distance or in the dark.


AX   - Digital Temperature Control Only. Display only displays current and set temperatures ..  


A robust fan, designed for continuous running, circulates the air around the incubator ensuring even air distribution throughout.

Heat Element

A fast acting wire element works in conjuction with the PLC Controller to maintain the temperature exactly to your set level.


Water trays under egg turning trays add humidity to the incubator.  


Thermal Cut Box made of white PVC hard foamed insulated panels. DIN4102B1 certificated. Galvanised steel profiles to extra strength and ease of access for maintainance.

Egg Turning

A robust servo powered egg turning motor ensures regular turning of your eggs continuously with no rapid movements.


A Mesh insert in the base of the incubator avoids the risk of splayed feet at hatching.

  • Height (cm) : 26
  • Width (cm) : 58
  • Depth (cm) : 55
  • Weight - (kg) : 11
  • Total Power (KW) : 0.194
  • Electrical Rating : 230V AC +10/-15% 50/60Hz +/-0.5%
  • Volume of Packed Parcel (m3) .083