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Caldo Bello Thermostatic Heat Lamp -CB1

Caldo Bello  - Thermostatic Infra Red Heat Lamp        

Economical, efficient, cost saving heat lamp for all heating applications:-

Kennels, Whelping Kennels, Catteries, Poultry Brooding, Sickly Lamb Pens, Pig Farrowing, any many other pets that need warmth.

Also available with Special Ceramic Bulb - Reptile Warming



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Caldo Bello  - Thermostatic Infra Red Heat Lamp

If you calculate how many electric bulbs are used through a season, and take into account the electric saved when the Caldo Bello is thermostatically switched off, you will save a small fortune!!

Built to Last...

The 250 watt RA Halogen Heat Lamp - Ran for over 8000 hours in our test (300 days) without breakage or malfunction – we have used many of these for years without changing the bulb.


How it works...

Only organic living animals are heated. So an inanimate object like a feeder and drinker are not heated. Bacteria will not grow as fast as in the water under a conventional heat lamp, as the water is not heated, and feed will not go off. Only the aminal will be heated, not the surrounding room.


 Animals develop proper fur and plumage quicker under the Maino Caldo Bello Heat lamp, because the heat is thermostatically turned on and off, excess heat does not inhibit their feather/fur growth.

You cannot use this heater as a light source, as the thermostat switches the light off when it is at temperature.



Whelping Kennels and Normal Kennels - Can be hung at most heights from just over the dog height to the ceiling.

Chick Brooding - Will take up to 70 hen chicks or equivalent.  Hung at 70cm from the ground, this will heat a wide area. Approx numbers below;

Quail/Grey Partridge : 180-200

Pheasant / Bantam / Guinea Fowl : 80-90

Hen / Duck / Small Black Turkey : 70-80

Goose / White Turkey / Peacock : 50-70 

Workshop - On a cold winters day, help take the chill off, by standing one of these aimed at an operator.

Ideal in all livestock applications, as Fire risk from the heater is reduced due to the thermostat turning the heater off.

Once you have one of these you won't want a conventional heat lamp again!!!

Key Features…

In-Built Thermostat - reduces electricity consumption. 
24 month manufacturers guarantee
Needs chain or cable to hang from two mounting links
1.8m Power Cable Inc UK Plug

29 x 38 x 17cm


Buy with confidence...   FULL CE Approval