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Happy Chick Mk3 Brooder

Provide your new-born chicks with  first-class conditions for an improved start. Easy maintenance, low disease build-up, healthy chicks, improved feathering , all add up to make this a worthwhile investment for smallholders and semi commercial  growers alike.

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Approx Capacities@ 4 weeks

140-150 : Hen / Duck / Small Black Turkey  
160-170 : Pheasant/ Guinea Fowl / Bantam  
380-420 : Quail / Grey Partridge
60-80     : Goose / Giant Turkey / Peacock

320-360 : Red Partridge


Walls made from tough, easy to clean plexiglas, with aluminium edging for added strength. Base, roof sheets and  droppings tray is made from galvanised steel for long life.

Dimensions - 99cm * 99cm * 32cm High (103cm with legs)


Caldo Bello Thermostatic Heat Lamp: (this can easily be used in other places as well as the brooder)

  • Fitted with a thermostat that dramatically reduces electricity consumption. In a kennel ,cattery,  lambing shed or similar environments, it switches off automatically as the temperature warms up in the day, and turns on to warm the animal at night in the cool.
  • Special Short-wave radiation heats the animal not the surrounding equipment, making this a most efficient, hygienic heat lamp. The best way to describe the effect is like being in the sun on a cold winters day. You can feel its warmth, even though the air around you is cold.
  • Only organic living animals are heated. So an inanimate object like a feeder and drinker are not heated. Bacteria will not grow as fast as in the water under a conventional heat lamp, as the water is not heated, and chick feed will not go off.
  • Animals develop proper fur and plumage quicker under the Maino Caldo Bello Heat lamp, because the heat  it thermostatically turned on and off, excess heat does not inhibit their feather growth
  • 250watt power
  • Galvanized coated steel construction for longevity.
  • The bulbs passed our long term test of over 8000 hours usage without breaking.
  • Much reduced Fire Risk, as the thermostat will turn off the brooder when a warm temperature is reached, so the Caldo Bello is safer to use in barns etc with straw around
  • UK Plug   -  Weighs 2.2kg
  • CE approved for electrical safety and build quality


The Happy Chick will stand on most tables for easy viewing inside, and also comes with its own legs to stand alone.

Water Pot and Feeder included